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Lanacas is a small Tokyo company that offers Japanese and English lessons. Not only do we have the class, but also we provide cultural events and Workshops. We have a membership lounge for those who want to learn more further language interaction. 

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​Lanacas offers 3 services.


Japanese and English

Cafe & Bar

By appointment & membership only


Announcement coming soon...


Our lessons are a customized curriculum flexible to the schedule and your levels.

First, you talk with a tutor to decide which language level you are in, which textbooks you should use, and when to start.

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Cafe & Bar

Lanacas has a membership lounge which has a small bar and a Tatami room.

In the noon, we will open as a cafe, and it will change to a bar in the evening.

We open only for the Lanacas members to enjoy a luxury time. 

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We hold some workshops in Tokyo to learn more about Japanese culture and Japan.

The announcement will be on the blog to those who want to join us.

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